The General Data Protection Regulation

SBC News, April 2016
Article by David Clifton, Licensing Expert:

With ever increasing compliance responsibilities pursuant to the Gambling Commission’s LCCP and more soon to arise on implementation of the 4th Money Laundering Directive, betting operators might be forgiven for thinking that there was a limit to the extent to which even more onerous regulatory burdens could be heaped upon them in the near future.

However, even greater focus on the need for them to protect customers’ personal data and to prevent data breaches will be required when the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) comes into force in mid-2018 replacing the current EU Data Protection Directive. It will be directly applicable in all EU Member States, without the need for any domestic legislation to implement it.

This will be relevant even if the UK votes to leave the EU because UK businesses will be affected by the GDPR if they process data relating to EU subjects, and in any event it will be vital for the UK’s digital economy that its data protection laws are of a comparable standard with other major jurisdictions…